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Meant For Good (Week 4 Recap- November 29,2022)

A Moment of Silence

Dallas Willard, one of the most influential thinkers on spiritual formation in our day, offered up his own word when describing Jesus- relaxed. Take a moment to ponder that thought. When reading scripture have you ever noticed Jesus hurrying? What about running? Did He ever seem to fret or become frantic? What about being anxious or worrying about things to come? He certainly had a lot to worry about and become anxious over, yet time and time again, Jesus was relaxed. Jesus always had things to do, important places to be but never- not even once - would you find words describing Jesus as "running late".

What word would you use to describe yourself? Would you fall into the category of being relaxed or would you find yourself leaning towards anxious, hurried or frantic?

God is working for the good of His people” Romans 8:28

this purpose is to make us like Christ” Romans 8:29

If Jesus was relaxed, that means to be more Christ-like would mean that we can become people who are more relaxed! But how does that happen? How can we become peaceful and more relaxed in a world that is stressful, uncertain and full of fear?! The answer lies within a gift that Jesus gave all of His believers… and that gift is prayer. Jesus modeled prayer throughout scripture. He constantly went away to isolated places to be alone with God. He went off early in the day before anyone else was awake and He communed with His Father.

In these days He went out to the mountain to pray, and all night He continued in prayer to God." Luke 6:12

“He would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” Luke 5:12

Prayer is communing with God, connecting with the One who loves us most. Prayer is a gift to and for us, it changes us internally. Spending time with Jesus changes us in ways that we cannot even see. I have personally witnessed this in my life. If I allow my schedule to dictate my day, I can notice that my behaviors and actions are more self-centered. I can easily become more edgy, anxious, and worried. However when I prioritize prayer, I feel more peaceful. It doesn’t mean my problems disappear but I realize that I don’t have to carry my burdens on my own. Prayer also allows time for me to sit in stillness. A time to "Be Still" before The Lord, silencing all of the distractions around me. This time is not only for me to share my thoughts but to take time to listen for His.

I recently read “Our schedules will testify more truly about what we love more than our mouths.” What we truly value most is where we put our most time. If we come to understand and honor the significance of prayer, we will become people who will prioritize that time in our daily lives. The more we do it, the more we will realize we are becoming more like Jesus. We are always in the transition of becoming…. as He is our potter and we are His clay. (Isaiah 64:8)

I will end with a few words that I felt like the Lord whispered to me in my recent time with Him. His words beckoning me towards Him… to the One who call us all to sit at His feet and listen for His small still voice…

I see you and what you hold and carry...

I am always watching over you…

I care about the little things and big things too…

Keep coming to me...

Quiet yourself before me….

You will become more aware of me in the silence…

In the quiet you are being molded into my likeness..

In the quiet is your surrender…

In the quiet is your posture of trust….

In the quiet you relax in my arms…

Stay here in the quiet…

Linger in the stillness ~

that is where you will find Me….

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