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When You Pray (Week 1 Recap-September 5, 2023)

“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?" - Corrie ten Boom

Prayer in the most simple terms is ... talking to God. It is personal and it is intimate. However if you are anything like me, you may have had some misconstrued messages in your mind about prayer. You may believe that you have to pray correctly in order for God to hear you. So you try to figure out the right formal in order for it to “work”. Or you grew up in a church community where the prayers seemed to be more about memorized statements. The words would flow out of your mouth yet you had no idea what you were truly saying. Or you may think “I am just not good at praying. It isn’t my thing. I don’t sound like her.” So you discredit yourself, asking for a hall pass expecting for the person next to you to pray instead. I vividly remember growing up and asking my mom to pray for me. I felt like she had a direct line to God, her prayers seemed to carry more weight. So instead of me praying, I would call my mom and ask her to do it for me.

Whether you could relate to one or all of the statements above, I am so glad we are doing a deep dive into prayer. I know that God will show us how to make our spare tires the steering wheel. He will highlight beliefs that are not aligned with God, only to reorient us towards Him. He will open our understanding to the wonderful gift He has given each of us. I pray that our eyes will grow wider and our ears are more in-tune to His small still voice. My deepest desire is that we will realize the hidden treasure of prayer. It is in prayer where true transformation begins; it doesn’t change God… it changes us.

Thank you in joining me. I can say with certainty that God will grow us, as He is calling us to much more. May we become women who care about what He cares about and pray what He lays on our hearts. It is a partnership, a place to commune with our Father. It is in this union with Him, where we will begin to see His Kingdom come. I can’t wait to see it all unfold….



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